Thursday, 16 July 2009

Tips on things to do prior to your hair appointment

Tips of things to remember prior to your hair salon appointment

First things first remember it! the amount of times thats customers phone to ask when there appointment is is quite alot. I suppose it boils down to this day and ages busy lives and hectic schedules. Tip use your reminder in your phones calender or help is at hand use our db hair free appointment reminder service.

Prior to attending the salon you may be thinking about a restyle a change or maybe you are stuck for ideas of what to do with your hair. A really good idea is to look through magazines for inspiration we have them in the salon. They have loads of the latest styles and colours inside, speak to the stylist thats what there for some colours may not take on your hair or it may take a repeat visit to achive the colour you want.

To save time if you see something before inside a magazine a good idea is to bring it along with you. Have you ever thought of this what about bringing along a style you dont want? maybe its something you have fallen foul of in the past!.

I hope this helps in offering some practical advice before your salon visit to make or check a booking! Checkout Db Salon

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