Thursday, 16 July 2009

Wedding Hair - Plannings Key

Planning a Wedding
Often your hair on the day is the last thing on the list. Your hair and beauty treatments are one of the key elements to guarantee success on your big day. Your hair makeup and appearance are seen right through the day not only by family friends and relatives but also they will be seen forever on Wedding photos.

One of the key elements to success is planning well in advance first start by contacting the salon and arranging a Free consultation. Try to do this as early on as possible as soon as you have finalised your date.

The stylist will recommend an be able to show you some types of put ups and designs you may want to wear. Its really important that you get the style and look you want, in the end its your day and you need to feel confident and happy throughout it.

Once this has been taken care of and a style settled on its time to go away and consult with your bridesmaids or other family members this may need another consultation. Try to book well in advance we ensure in the salon that the day is above all fun! with a few bottles of bubbly drank in the morning! its not unheard of for the bride to turn up in here pyjamas!

Don't worry we are use to it and above all want to make your day memorable and fun. But above all for us great looking hair!

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