Sunday, 7 February 2010

Hair Extensions Should They Be Banned?

There has been alot of talk in the press and media recently regarding Hair Extensions, the problems people have had in the forms of breakage and "bald spots" appearing on the scalp. 

Hair extensions are not bad for your hair if properly fitted and the rigt aftercare used. Some of the horror stories  given out by the media are relating to badly fitted extensions. Bad fitting comes from these factors
  • The quality of the bond (the join between real hair and hair extension)
  • The aftercare, brushing, shampoo and conditioning
  • The type of weave or how each length of hair is fitted to the hair to achieve the look
Looking at these areas in more detail:-

Bonds come in different forms some hairdressers will just use hair glue by gluing a strand of hair extension hair to a strand of real hair. This is also what some home DIY hair extensions are made by. This is totally the wrong way to go about hair extensions. The glue can damage the hair and they wont stay in they alos will be visible to the naked eye as ridges under the hair or on show they are quite easy to spot. main reasons people choose this route is there friends fit them or unqualified hair dresssers use this techique to quick fit hair extensions. Basically taking your money and running. Charging around £150 quid for a bad job that over time will damage your hair and cost money to put right.

The bonds we use are keratin based or silicone based they fitting directly around the hair keratin is a nuturally forming chemical found in your hair thus why its used in bonds. In some applications silicone is used.

Hair Extension Aftercare
As we touched on bonds in the last para, the bonds cannot be cleaned with a normal shampoo as it strips out the bond as it does when it cleans your hair so a Hair Extension Aftercare Shampoo must be used along side a Hair Extension Conditioner. Brushing of hair extensions is done using a specially designed brush that avoids the bonds.

How the Hair Extension is Attached
This is one of the most important elements in having hair extensions fitted the weave or weft hangs inside the hair under the existing hair,. How this is attached is crucial to the success, and health of the scalp. Remember Britney Spears? she had bald patchs and everybody said she was going crazy and shaved her hair off? from being in the industy I beg to differ her scalp showed signs of over hair extensions use. This is caused by the extensions weight pulling the existing hair out. Theres a very simple and effective way to avoid this and most reputable hair extensions systems use this form of technique. The hair is attached at different points to " balance" the load thus avoiding breakage and damage to the scalp.

Hope this helps in choosing a Hair Extensions Hair Dresser 

Some Points To Note
  • Cheapest is not always best when it comes to extensions
  • Hair Extensions require alot of aftercare and commitment by you
  • Follow what your stylist says
  • Make sure you find out examples of hairdressers work first before you commit

After all that above all get that glamourous sexy looking hair safely and a look that lasts!

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