Thursday, 1 July 2010

TheO By Cloud Nine

The Wait Is Over and Its Finally Here TheO from Cloud Nine is Available to Buy From Our Website and In Our Salon.

TheO Cloud Nine will make you change the way you see heated hair rollers forever.

- Its the first of its kind
- It will transform the way hair curlers are used to style
- Adds volume curls and waves
- Allows experimentation with curlers and rollers

TheO is a new innovation in hair curling technology its not just a rehash of an old bit of kit or an update its a completely new invention to style and curl hair. TheO has been invented by the founders of the Cloud Nine Hair Straightener who where involved at the start of the ghd range of hair irons. Not a pedigree? TheO fits the needs of busy hair salon professionals and consumers. It brings unique benefits to you the user.

Theo rollers are different soft grip sizes easy to use, they use heat induction technology making them unbelievibly safe and easy to use and kind to the environment. Each roller heats up in just 4 seconds to 130 degrees.

Designed to Make Styling With Heated Rollers More Simple
With theO Cloud 9 has invented a totally different idea of how we should and how we can add volume to hair create curls and big gorgeous hair!

The Benefits:-

There's never been a faster heating process - pop in the pod and ready to use in under 4 seconds

As the heated hair rollers heat from the core out, they're hot in the hair, not in the hand, so you can work them in without the worry of discomfort

Incorporated into eac h hair rollers is the latest soft grip technology into the design, which means you don't have to use pins to hold the rollers in place. Their lightweight design makes them less likely to drop.

TheO pod works with several sizes of rollers, including a extra large 60mm option for large sexy curls! so styles can be created from the beautiful to the totally outrageous!

By Heating just one roller at a time, you benefit from heat on demand rather than having to heat numerous rollers at once, giving you greater control.

TheO uses seven times less power than traditional heated rollers making them kinder for the environment.

Interested to know more visit theO cloud nine hair

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