Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Using Hair Straighteners and Hair Tools Abroad

A question we get asked a lot is; Is Can My Hair Straighteners be Used Whilst I am Abroad? this is a common question asked by hair clients going on holiday or business travel. The answer is it depends on the make and model of hair product. Some hair straighteners have a built in switching electrical supply that changes to the country it is being used in. Here's a list of countries and there voltages:-
  • Afghanistan - 220 V
  • Australia - 240 V
  • Bahamas - 120 V
  • Brazil - 120/220 V
  • Canada - 120 V
  • China - 220 V
  • Finland - 230 V
  • Guam - 110 V
  • Japan - 100 V
  • Mexico - 127 V
  • Spain - 230 V
  • United Kingdom - 230 V
  • United States - 120 V
  • Vietnam - 127/220 V
If your hair appliance automatically switch's voltage you should be OK all you will need is a adapter plug to convert the plug to a English socket. Although in some cases some products come with detachable built in plugs especially for European use.

Using Hair Straighteners and Personal Care Appliances in the USA
To use your hair straighteners in the USA if the straightener states that it switch's voltage automatically then it can be used whilst travelling all you will need is an adapter plug. The USA runs on 120v nearly half of what we run on here in the UK at 230v. This is when a voltage adapter would be better to preserve the life of your product. For instance what if you moved to USA would you need to re buy all your products over there of course for TVs fridges and large items yes but smaller personal care items can be easily taken with you and instead of throwing them away or going down the eBay route they can be reused.

To find a voltage adapter just type in google "230v to 120v voltage adapters to buy" there are lots of results with adapters starting from £10.

The same principle applies if you are visiting a country and buy a product its possible to check the voltage via the documentation and buy an appropriate adapter. Some frequent travellers choose to take a voltage adapter with them anyway, as one school of thought is that when an appliance switch's voltage for long periods of time it could reduce its life span.

Here's some personal care items that have dual voltage that can be used around the world such as cloud nine straighteners and ghd mk4 straighteners and other products that may require a voltage adapter such as the Theo Cloud Nine or Fudge Cordless Straightener

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