Thursday, 7 April 2011

Product Spotlight: Amplify Spray For The O by Cloud Nine Hair

Amplify Spray Has Been Specially Formulated To Create Large Volume When Using The O 
Amplify Spray - A Closer Look
Available in 140ml/4.9fl.oz size Amplify is a hair spray designed to add volume when used alongside The O hair roller system.

The O Cloud Nine is a revolution in hair styling and is the ultimate tool for creating up do's and put ups as well as adding large volume and curls. The O works by using heat induction technology and heats up its specially designed heated rollers in under 4 seconds. In the past heated rollers have been cumbersome slow to heat up and have been difficult to handle due to how hot they are. Theo does away with this making hair curling simpler easier and more eco-friendly by only heating the rollers it uses

So Where Does Amplify Spray Fit In?
This spray is applied preferably prior to inserting the rollers, or it can be used whilst your rollers are in. All you do is lightly mist each of your hair sections before applying the rollers. Amplify reacts with the heat from the roller and adds shine to the hair. 

Because this sprays reacts with heat it can also double up as a good volumising blow dry spray. If you regularly blow dry you can get more volume with your ceramic brush and the spray to get great shine and lift.

To get great hold and finish apply a good factor hairspray to hold, protect from the elements and add extra shine

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