Friday, 20 May 2011

Handbag For Summer Make The Right Choice

httPurse Shopping at Bon Macys1Image via WikipediaMost of you Ladies have a handbag for every day of the week come on admit it! the pressure is on for the latest go out accessory especially for summer. It does not matter if you’re looking for two or three overstated or understated top class purses, or if you would much prefer to own a unique handbag with lots and lots of room full of ‘out there’, styled satchels, there are a some golden rules you should abide by when purchasing a brand new handbag or just selecting from your existing master collection.

The number one rules is, different bags are suited to different ladies with different body shapes. If you see a person carrying a purse that you dream of having this second, take a minute to think about it before taking of to your nearest store and with credit card in hand. You need to ask the question will that handbag be ok for my body type? was it looking really good because of the person who was holding it?

Tall and Thin In Shape
Get a cute looking and small purse that you may have spotted a shorter girl carrying. This small clutch will help you look bigger and taller.

Small and Petite
Be careful here you need to make sure a bag does not swamp you – a bag that looks good carried by a taller ladie may look much bigger on your petite frame. Draw attention towards or away from that particular attribute, ensure that you get a bag that hangs at your bodies level, as eyes will be drawn wherever your handbag sits.

Quality is a very important factor – good build quality and good construction will keep a bag in good structure. Keeping it looking at the top of its condition. Nobody likes a tried saggy bulging handbag.

It’s very important to give some practical thought to a handbag before you buy one. If you do not carry many of your items on a daily basis, it’s not important to have a massive bag with many compartments. Be practical a tiny one-pocket bag stuffed with essentials will look like a stuffed bag of shopping.

If you are a handbag magpie I go bold with my styles so I always have the right bag for the right outfit. Brights in summers and more earthen tones in winters are a good choice for colours. If you generally only use one bag stick to a traditional hard wearing material like suede or leather to get a prolonged bag life it will be worth the investment.

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