Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Fathers Day Gift Idea - Mini Hair Straightener

Fathers Day this year in the United Kingdom falls on June 19th. If you are anything like me you will be stuck every year as to what to buy for your father. Fathers day generally always lands on a Sunday so a great idea would be a Sunday lunch and a treat of a few pints or two.

One of the problems with this, is that everybody seems to have the same idea. So Fathers day becomes a maelstrom of pre-booking a table to avoid disappointment. Instead of going for the traditional Sunday lunch a good alternative would be to buy a gift.

Men love gadgets and if your father is a bit of the vain type and has hair (this idea is not for those who do not) then the Cloud Nine Micro Straightener makes a great gift for fathers day. The C9 Micro is state of the art in hairdressing terms it has tiny plates that actually shine the hair when they are applied. They will switch off automatically when he forgets to turn them off.

They come in a very nice box , add wrapping and your done Cloud Nine Straightener is for £49 including a Free Gift and Free Delivery. They will make a great treat for any Dad this Fathers Day
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