Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Hair Style Volume With A Wide Hair Iron

Add Volume With A Hair Iron

Clients Often Ask How can I Get Large 1950's Style Bouffant Hair With A Hair Straightener. With Cheryl Cole showing off a new big volume look in America in last years X factor. Its a dramatic shift in style for Cheryl. Here's how this can be achieved.

For this type of style hair length is key and not all of us can grow substantial amounts in super quick time an instant way to create length is to add hair extensions. As soon as you add curl to hair you reduce its length. Looking at Cheryl's new hair in reality its length will be at least six inches longer than it appears, this will have been achieved with hair extensions to her existing length for this fantastic striking look.
There's lots of hair extension types on the market so choose wisely from the already popular bonded types to new paper strip types. Rapture Hair Extensions are one such type they can be a little less expensive than bonded as they take less time to apply. With all hair extensions the keys is maintaining them approved shampoos, conditioners and combs must be used to not only keep them in the hair but to prolong the longevity of the hair extensions.

Adding Volume and Curl With A Wide Straightener

Here's what you need a good quality wide hair iron:-
Hair Iron

This is an ideal tool for adding volume quickly and easily, but like all tools its only as good as its user. It will take you a little getting use to but before long you will be making large volume curls with your wide straightener.
Just rememer the following 4 steps to get curl with a hair straighner with a wide plate
Apply To Root Of Hair
Half Turn The Hair Iron Around The Hair
Pull Down Then Full Turn
The most simplest way to describe this its like curling a ribbon on a present as long as you have the hair length and heat it will work
To finish use a hair salon spray to keep out moisture add shine and hold.
To keep big volume use this combination Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner, Use Daily Blow Dry In a Volumising Lotion Apply and Finish With A Good Hair Spray.
After using this style start out again by using a clarifiying shampoo to remove product build and if you wish apply a treatment after. This hair styling cycle can be applied in many ways to many styles and will help you get the best from your hair. If as you finish you still need to apply a little curl or if you have a particularly stubborn curl or to slacken off a curl try using a multi hair styler for curling the hair around the barrel in the opposite direction to get the correct effect