Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Hair Salon - Help Choosing An Accountant

10 Tips for Choosing a Hair Salon Accountant

If you are small hair and beauty business, just starting up or a large salon group. Finding the right accountant for your hair salon business is paramount to success. There are many different types of accountants which incur different costs from ways in which they operate.

A very important issue that believe it or not in the UK anybody can start up an accountancy business. It is not against the law to start trading as a accountant or book keeping service. It is important to be aware that its entirely voluntary for an accountancy company of individual to belong to any of the trade bodies protecting the industry out there.

Bearing this in mind its very important to choose wisely. By not making the right selection you maybe making a very big mistake in terms of administration time to put things right. You also need to be aware that any accountancy mistakes that are made to government tax bodies are the responsibility of you not your accountant even if they made the mistake. This is also often covered in the agreement you make before you employ their services.

Here's some tips to help you make the correct choices:-

  1. Start by getting references from current clients get at least three.
  2. Find out if the accountant is a member of a trade body and check with that body.
  3. Ask questions about the employment history of your proposed accountant or the company history of the company you are considering.
  4. Get a full breakdown of costs relating directly to what you want them to do and get this in writing.
  5. Before signing any commencement letters read carefully relating to your commitment and in the event of anything going wrong from the accountancy side.
  6. Trust your instincts if something seems too good to be true it usually is even if this person may have been recommended to you.
  7. Get off to the right start; how will the new accountant fit in with your record keeping or will you have to change your style of record keeping to suit them.
  8. Rather than have a big end of year bill you may be able to pay on a monthly basis for their services helping you spread the cost.
  9. Contingency What if they are ill or on holiday who covers? this is important as most issues need to be identified and tackled early
  10. Cost control make sure you have it in writing that if they need to charge extra they will always in form you in writing before making these costs.
I hope these tips help and help you to business success and avoid any future pitfalls in the future. For further reading and an interesting article on these new hair straighteners please see this link