Friday, 23 November 2012

Hair Straightener By Mother What Do You Get In The Box?

What's In The Mother Hair Straightener Box

Ever wondered what's in the hair straighteners box before you get it well here's a short video showing exactly what you get. If you are ordering or thinking of ordering the new Mother hair straightener this video gives you a fast insight into what you get inside.

We are really loving the styler in the salon it literally glides through clients hair. Once used I do not what to go back to my old stylers again.

Hair Straightener With Dual Plates By Mother

A few more things I really like about it:-
  1. Its digital temperature control which is different to other stylers I have used in the past. When you switch the hair straightener on it goes up per degree so you know exactly where you are a very neat feature in a hair straightener.
  2. Its clever heat covers which enable me to switch the plates easily. All you do is switch off the styler place the cover over the plates hit the buttons and remove and viola you click in the other set of plates. This is really great across different customers and also means I can get more creative on fringes and ends.
  3. Paddle plates this hair straightener has the largest I have seen not just a wider plate but they really stand out from other wide straighteners they have a great soft feel through the hair. I love these on my longer thicker haired clients they save masses of time and effort getting through the hair.
Available in the salon direct we also do a demonstration for them on your hair and can give advice on how to get the best from them once purchased.

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