Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Theres A New Bond In Town

Hair Extensions In Leeds Available at Db hair
Lets face it, hair extensions look gorgeous they are a great way to lengthen your hair quickly and easily. Extensions can be applied and style in to a multitude of sexy and gorgeous styles. Hair extensions work by "hanging" in the hair underneath and are attached to the hair by clips or bonds. Clip in hair extensions are probably the cheapest and easiest to apply, as their name suggests they simply clip into the hair, because of there simplicity the usual way to style is to add interest around a fringe with perhaps a colour or streaks/highlights.

Rapture No Bond hair ExtensionsThe next method is hair extensions using bonds. The bonds are made up of keratin or a rubber based material then applied to the hair. This is done usually with a special gun that heats the bonds in its pincers and sealing them to the hair. With bonds a special shampoo and conditioner must be used as to not destroy the bond. With bonds, the application stage is really important getting the weave of and length of hair correctly straight and the bond attached in the correct manner as to not cause long term damage to the hair.
A new system has entered the market from Rapture these hair extensions are virtually undetectable, come in variety of shades to create great looks. They are available in lengths of twenty five centimetres for shorter styles and 40 cm for longer looks. Like most hair extensions rapture source the hair only from reputable sources.

Where the rapture system is different is that it uses strips instead of bonds. This makes them unseen to the eye as well as being unable to be felt through under the hair. Rapture extensions are light to wear, over time you as a client will start to not feel they are even in  your hair.
A rapture hair extension application lasts up to six weeks, using the correct maintenance procedures. For more information on Hair Extensions Leeds Please see this link or Call The Salon For A Free Consultation 01274 690909

Plus theres a great quick tutorial here on how to curl with a hair iron

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